Pastor Mike Kleitz Image Pastor - Mike Kleitz

Pastor Mike Kleitz assumed the Senior Pastor position on March 1, 2007.  He and his wife, Dawn, have six children - Caleb, Faith, Tristen, James, Keira, and Shaye.  Pastor Kleitz grew up as a part of Calvary Road Baptist Church, attending since he was 9 years old.  He attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. before working as a Youth Pastor in Bluffton, Indiana at Grace Baptist Church under the ministry of Pastor Doug McClure.  From there he moved to Ludington, MI and was the Associate Pastor for Pastor Brian Blount and Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Pastor Kleitz rejoined Calvary Road Baptist church in 2004 as the Associate Pastor.  In August of 2006 he became the Co-Pastor before later assuming the Senior Pastor position.  Since Pastor Kleitz became the pastor in 2007, we have added our new fellowship center (which later became our new Worship Sanctuary, begun two bus routes and a van route, and seen our Faith Promise Missions giving quadruple.

Deacons -

Brian Burkett, Jason Goodman, Glen Grasch, Curtis Howard, Bob Scoles, Daniel Scully, Tom Spear, Robert Stone, and Al Thompson.

Church Clerk -

Jenna Dixon